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Our resource is dedicated to the best sports game in the world – football, rather, football history. Here you can find the photos showing the best moments that are remembered by the millions of fans around the world, as well as unique images that you may see for the first time. Basically, the story of the Game on our website is presented mostly in picz captured in 1990s, however, you’ll see a much earlier captured pictures also.
The history of football, as is commonly believed, began in England in 19th century. But Italians invented the “calcio” in the 14th century, and they brought this game to the British Isles. In England, football gained popularity comparable to cricket. The game was played mainly in the colleges. In 1846 there was the meeting where were introduced the early rules of football first time in the history. The first professional football club was founded also in England, as well as the world’s oldest football tournament – FA Cup. In 1904 in Paris, was founded FIFA – world football organization, which originally consisted of only 7 countries.
As the popularity and prevalence in the world, football is the sport game number one, FIFA members are 208 national football federations, is more than the number of countries belonging to the United Nations. The game is most popular in Europe, South America, Africa and parts of Asia, less interest in football is manifested in Australia and North America. In many countries, this game is a part of the national culture and the object of national pride, which largely determines the level of interest that is manifested in football, and the processes that surround it, all over the world.
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